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Gymnasia HaRealit
Rishon Le – Zion

The Kerari Gymnasia Harealit Campus, Rishon Le-Zion

The Kerari Gymnasia Harealit Campus includes the "Gymnasia Harealit" High School and "Dorot" Junior High School.

Our school was founded in 1939 and since its first day, has educated its students to aspire to excellence in their academic studies and help the community in various frameworks. The Rishon Le-Zion Municipality built the new Gymnasia Harealit campus which reflects the technological and progressive era we are part of. We aspire to adapt our methods and ways of learning to the spirit of the 21st century.


The Gymnasia Harealit staff believes that each of its students has the potential needed to fulfill their talents in a variety of trends and unique frameworks our school offers.  In addition to our academic achievements, the school also puts a special emphasis on enrichment activities that meet the needs and challenges facing the citizens of the future. Over 60% of our students choose to major in science. Since its first day, our school has been among the leading schools in the country and our graduates hold key positions in all fields in Israel and around the world. A large number of students choose to major in science, humanities, social sciences and the arts. In remedial classes, students study a selection of subjects such as  chemistry, physics and biology, all of which relate to their everyday life.

A high percentage of our graduates assume high positions of officers in the IDF.

98.9 % of our male graduates and 98.6 % of the female graduates join the IDF.


Special Trends


The Sport Trend 

Physical Education plays a major role in our school’s everyday life. We emphasize both the physical abilities and academic achievements. Many of our athletes study scientific subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, Computer Sciences as well as the physiology of the human body. Their curriculum also combines theoretical background with practical experimentation in the fields of basketball (boys and girls), athletics and dance. Our school has been a prominent player in the high school top basketball league in Israel. Over the years, we have taken part in playoff games and have even won the national high schools league championship. This year, both our boys and girls basketball players are representing Israel for the third time in the ISF World Basketball Tournament. Many of our graduates play in the top leagues in Israel.

The Dance Trend

Our dance trend was set up in 1995 in the assumption that it could be intertwined with the basketball trend. Since then hundreds of our female students have graduated, many of whom became professional dancers. Our students engage in different dance styles: ballet, modern dance and jazz. For their final project in their senior year, they put up a   dance composition based on their own   original choreography.

During their studies they participate in numerous dancing workshops given by leading professional dancers. They perform in ceremonies, festivals and other community gatherings. They take part in the Special Olympics which is an event designed to contribute to the welfare of the community. They perform as cheer leaders in the school basketball games. As a team they take part in The European Championship, Beach Volleyball competitions and TV programs.

Gifted Students Class

This unique trend designed for gifted students from Rishon Le-Zion and its surroundings begins in the seventh grade. This trend enables the students to combine thought-provoking and academic studies with numerous enrichment activities. The students take part in seminars and conference days in the Business Management College in Rishon Le-Zion, at Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science and get a taste of different cultural  events in the  fields of theatre, music and art.


The Nachshon Program

The Nachshon program is a joined collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Defense, whose aim is to enhance talented youths who have the potential to become the future leaders of Israel, by developing their leadership skills. The program focuses on providing wide knowledge in different fields combining social skills, leadership skills and moral values.  In addition to majoring in sciences, the students volunteer on a regular basis and help different sectors in the community.


The Biotechnology Trend

Biotechnology is a field which uses biological systems in manufacturing processes and industrial analysis.  This trend is for motivated students who are interested in exploring the fascinating world of science which is constantly developing.  This trend emphasizes and incorporates the fields of Microbiology, genetic engineering, physics and biotechnological processes.


Computer and cyber Science (CS) and Software Engineering (SE)

Studying in this trend gives the students the ability to understand how computerized systems work and how they are utilized in different fields. They practice algorithmic problem-solving and develop long term software projects. Consequently, they enhance their problem-solving skills and develop their computational thinking skills. In the army they mainly assume high positions in the Intelligence Corps.

Special Programs

The Debate Team

The debate team's goal is to strengthen the students' oral skills and cognitive abilities while discussing political and ethical dilemmas.


Students Exchange Delegations to Munter, Germany

Our school has a long tradition of exchange delegations with Friedenschulle High School in Münster (a twin city of Rishon Le Zion). Within the framework of this project, our students visit Germany and are hosted by local students. Then, the German students visit Israel and are hosted by our students. The program includes several activities in both countries whose aim is to build a bridge that will lead all students to cooperation in the future.


Volunteering in the Community

Every student in our school must volunteer in the community. Students can choose between different fields such as helping the disabled, tutoring weaker students, assisting the elderly , etc.  Students who are interested in continuing their volunteering do that for the duration of a three year period.  When they graduate, they receive a special diploma from the Ministry of Education as a token of appreciation for their dedicated work.

The technological infrastructure of the Gymnasia Harealit campus is considered one of the most innovative and unique. It promotes teaching and learning in accordance with the 21st century. Mr. Dov Tzur , Mayor of Rishon Le-Zion, has been the driving force behind setting up this campus which was inaugurated in 2015.

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